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    Be careful that you are selecting the correct team.  
    Some students are "cross teamed" for some subjects.  
    apple   Team 6-1 (Sproule, Forwood, Rutter, Stathopolous)
    apple   Team 6-2 (Edleman, Henry, Schreiber, McCurley)
    apple   Team 6-3 (Hartzell, Lawless)
    apple   Team 7-1 (Dunne, Carter, D'Arcy, Parker, Kuzniar)
    apple    Team 7-2  (Deveney, Palladino, Lilly, Britton)
    apple   Team 7-3 and 8-3 (Diegelman, Liebel, Kratz, McEachern)
    apple   Team 8-1 (Bailey, Logan, Royce, Romeo)

    apple   Team 8-2 (Smith, Kelly, Devlin, Algeo) 
    apple   William Einhorn, Music

    apple   Stacy McHugh, Life Skills


    apple   Dan Flannery, ESL