Welcome To The Computer Lab!

     Check out video footage from our first STEAM Day held at all the elementary schools.

    STEAM DAY - Building STEAM Together!!


    Students in grades K-2 receive technology instruction once every six day cycle. There are units of instruction, during which, a project or group of skills is completed. Each computer lab class is 45 minutes long. The projects and skills on each grade level integrate technology objectives with other subject area objectives. The elementary computer curriculum contains objectives within the six areas listed below:

    • Technology Awareness/Readiness/Literacy

    • Information Technology/Electronic Research

    • Using Computer Software

    • Using Computer Programming/Robotics & problem solving through STEAM challenges

    • Technology Ethics and Multimedia

    • Local & Global Networks and the Internet

    We follow the ISTE Standards for Students.  The standards focus on students becoming empowered learners, digital citizens, global collaborators, creative communicators, knowledge constructors, computational thinkers, and innovative designers.

    Our labs have an iMac computer for each student as well as a document camera and Smartboard or projector. Macs allow us to explore many more multimedia projects. If you have any questions regarding the elementary technology program, please contact

    Jean Randall (jrandall@pgsd.org) or Jennifer Egan (jenniferegan@pgsd.org) .