6th Grade Supply List


    In an effort to prepare Pottsgrove Middle School students for great success, each department has prepared a list of required student materials to support their transition into 6th grade. We kindly ask that all students come to school prepared with the following materials. Individual teachers may have additional items, but this should help get you started.





    Pencils, pens and erasers


    Lined Notebook Paper (college ruled)



    LANGUAGE ARTS:                                                    SOCIAL STUDIES:


    1.5-inch, 3-ring binder with clear plastic cover                     Small binder OR

    One composition book (college ruled)                                  Two-pocket folder with prongs

    2 Elmer’s glue sticks                                                             Colored pencils

    One 3-prong pocket folder                                                    2 spiral notebooks

                                                                                                   2-3 glue sticks


    MATH:                                                                             SCIENCE:


    One composition book (college ruled)                          One-subject notebook         

    Two-pocket folder                                                          Two-pocket folder



    Please DO NOT purchase one binder for all subjects. Each class should have their own binder/notebook for organizational purposes. Also, you will be expected to have your iPad charged and ready to use for all classes.



    We thank you so much for your time and support as you prepare for an exciting year at Pottsgrove Middle School.

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