• January 29, 2019

    At last week’s School Board meeting,  the administration presented a final rendering of the new, updated logo for the Pottsgrove District.  The impetus behind this initiative was since the District was formed in 1956, we have utilized no less than fifteen different variations of our mascot, the Falcon.   One of the most effective ways we can realize our goals is to communicate through one voice.  By doing so we are able to showcase our amazing activities, wonderful staff, and talented students.  As the new logo is introduced we will begin transitioning the logo to district items as we move forward.  See attachments.

    Primary Logo

    The primary logo is the District’s mark.  It is used as the representative mark of the District as a whole. 

    Monogram Logo

    The alternate logo includes the letters, PG, representing Pottsgrove.  The PG may be pulled and used separately as a monogram, whereas, other components of the logo may also be used as long as the consistency in the design is maintained.  For example, if a club or sport wanted to use the beak of the Falcon as a logo, that is permissible.  The font for the text is Bauer.

    Star Logo

    The 4 stars on the star logo represent the 4 different centers (K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12 buildings).

Misc. Logo Information

Logo's for download