Welcome to Mr. Foltz's Team 7-1 Science Course

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    Use this webpage to enhance your education experience! The site will consist of documents, assignments and announcements that can be used to support and supplements our day to day activities.  The particular page will be used to access basic information about the course.

Course Description

  • Topics that we cover will include:

    1. Scientific Inquiry (Scientific Method Review)

    2. Exploring Life:

    • Changes over TIme (the theory of Evolution)
    • Classifying and Exploring Life (Taxonomy)

    3. Intro to Cytology (the study of cells)

    4. Cell Processes (Cell Division and Reproduction)

    5. Biodiversity

                a. Viruses and Bacteria

                b. Protists and Fungi

                c. Plants 

                d. Animals

    6. Genetics

    7. Biomes and Ecosystems

Life Science Course Documents