• Be careful!  Some students are "cross teamed" for some subjects.  

    Pottsgrove MS 6th Grade Supply List 


    • Earbuds
    • Highlighters
    • Pencils, LOTS of pencils!
    • Charged iPad


    • One durable folder with pockets OR and ½” or 1” binder
    • Four Composition books (NO spiral notebooks)


    • One durable folder with pockets
    • One Composition book


    • One ½” binder with inside pockets
    • Two Composition books
    • Colored pencils
    • One large glue stick or a pack of 4 small ones

    Social Studies (all teams)

    • Lined Loose-leaf paper
    • Blue or black pens


    SS Team 6-1  and 6-3                           SS Team 6-2

    • One durable folder with pockets     Binder for SS only
    • Spiral Notebook                            5 divider
    •                                                    Red pens

    Seventh Grade

    Team 7-1 (Carter, Foltz, Parker, Liebel)
    Science:   (NEW)
    - Pencils/pens
    - 2 composition notebooks or 2 binders
    - 1 two pocket Science Folder


    Pencils (you can never have too many)

    (2) - single-subject notebooks

    (1) pack of multi-colored highlighters


    You will need a place to organize your handouts, classwork, and notes.  Please choose one of the following that works best for you:

    • (2) Folders OR
    • 1 1/2 inch binder with loose-leaf paper OR
    • Expandable Portfolio

     Social Studies

    1 pack of traditional Pencils or Mechanical Pencils

    1 pack of highlighters

    1 pack of colored pencils

    Hand held pencil sharpener (for students who are using traditional pencils)

    2 folders

    1 - 3-subject spiral notebook


    1.5 inch 3 ring binder for hand outs

    pencils and erasers

    extra paper or spiral notebook for extra notes

    ear buds/ headphones

    charged I-Pad

    Positive attitude

    Desire to achieve


    Team 7-2   (Deveney, Palladino, Lilly, Britton)
    LA: (Mrs. Britton) - 2  two pocket folders; 1 Composition notebook (hardcover);
          Pack of Highlighters; 1 Strong clip magnet, Pencils  (preferably mechanical)

    Social Studies.: (Mr. Deveney) - 1 Notebook, 1 Folder.
    CC Math: (Mrs. Lilly) 2 single subject notebooks; 1 folder; pencils/erasers
    Optional: CC Math: TI-30XIIs calculator
    Algebra: (Mrs. Lilly) 2 single subject notebooks; 1 folder; pencils/erasers;  
              Optional: Algebra: TI 84 Plus Graphing Calculator

    Science: (Mr. Palladino) - 1 Notebook, 1 Folder.

    Team 7-8   (Diegelman, Kuzniar, Devlin, Reifinger)
    Eighth Grade 
    Team 8-1   (Bailey, Kratz, Royce, Moyer)
    Language Arts - Mr. Royce
    1. 1 subject notebook 
    2. Folder 
    3. Highlighters 
    4. Pens and pencils  
    5. earbuds or headphones.  
    Pre-Algebra & Algebra - Mr. Bailey
    1. 1 subject notebook 
    2. Folder 
    3. Highlighters 
    4. Tons of pencils.  
    5. earbuds or headphones.  
    6. Red pens.

    Ms. Kratz - Science

    3- ringed binder with pockets


    Red Pens


    Lab notebook


    Team 8-2    (Smith, Kelly, McCurley, Algeo) 


    Binder (with pockets)

    Spiral notebook



    CC8 Math Supplies:  Folder for handouts, Loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils

    Honors Algebra 2:  Folder for handouts, Loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils 

    Honors Geometry:  Compass and Protractor for use during and outside of class, Folder for handouts, Loose-leaf notebook paper, pencils


    Pocket folder

    Spiral notebook 





    - One marble notebook

    - One 2-pocket folder

    - One pack of glue sticks

    - One pack of pencils



    8th Grade World History Learning Contract

    Requirements – You will need to bring the following items on a daily basis:

    Ø  CHARGED iPad:  We will be going paperless as much as possible in history class this school year.  Only the first two chapters will be on paper,Core Concepts and the Fall of Ancient Rome.  From October through June, everything will be on your iPad!  If your iPad is not charged on a given day, you will need to hand write any assignments for that class.  This may mean missing out on some more creative and interactive activities, so be sure to charge your iPad each day before coming to school.

    Ø  Folder for HISTORY CLASS only for our “paper” Chapters to start the year. (Portfolio for Schoology on your iPAD)

    Ø  JOURNAL (GoogleDocs app for iPad or notebook/loose leaf paper):  Daily discussion questions and answers will need to be recorded in your choice of journal.  You will need to use your journals to complete Journal Quizzes at the end of each marking period.

    Ø  WRITING UTENSILS:  While we will be avoiding paper when possible, there will be times when it is necessary to complete classwork by hand.  If you do not have a writing utensil you will be considered unprepared for class. 

    Ø  Lastly, you are required to be ready to PARTICIPATE in class every day.  Participating in class means more than just raising your hand:  it means completing assignments and staying engaged in class discussions.  In order to avoid distractions, it is a Pottsgrove Middle School requirement that ALL PHONES be stored in you LOCKER during class time.  

    Remember that these are DAILY classroom requirements, and as such they will be needed EVERY DAY! Failure to bring these items on a daily basis will result in a writing assignment for being unprepared for class, so please come prepared!


    Colleen Krum - Spanish 1:
    For FACS - 2019-2020
    • Bound composition notebook
    • Pencils, Pencils, Pencils
    • 1 - 2 pocket folder
    Health Classes:
    6th grade Health - folder and writing utensil
    7th grade Health - folder and writing utensil

    All Middle-School Physical Education classes:

    Any school appropriate grey, maroon, white or black shorts and grey, maroon, white or black t-shirt. 

    Your sweats can be any color.

    More information will be coming for teacher and team supply lists.