• Pottsgrove School District School & Community E-Mail Lists

    Please Read:

    The use of bulk email lists is for authorized school district communication only. All other uses are strictly prohibited. The school district will not sell or rent subscriber information to third parties. We will not share subscriber information with third parties unless legally obligated to do so. However, the school district does contract with BigLists.com of Media, PA to host our subscriber databases and services the website through which you create and update your account information.  BigLists.com will not share subscriber information with third parties unless legally obligated to do so. Although BigLists.com owns the website and hardware, the district retains ownership of all subscriber lists. For details regarding the BigList.com privacy policy, check https://www.biglist.com/privacy/.

    The following lists are currently available at https://lists.pgsd.org/sub:

    • Athletics - News and updates about our teams and athletics
    • PGHS Alumni - Alumni information and updates
    • Pottsgrove Community - Updates on community events around the District
    • School Board - PGSD Board news, special meeting notices, budget and other Board-related information.
    • PGSDTech - Messages sent from the PGSD Technology department which may include helpful tips and tricks or other general information.
    • Weather-Related Announcements - Distribution of weather-related changes to the school schedule for both schools and district office and a supplement to our SchoolMessenger system used to communicate with parents, daycare providers, and members of the community who use district facilities are encouraged to subscribe.


    You may be asked to confirm your subscription request via an email or web link.  Should you not receive an automated email confirmation request, please check your bulk mail or spam folder. If you find it there mark mail from lists.pgsd.org as not spam so that future mailings are not routed to that folder. The process of subscribing and unsubscribing is fully automated. Once you subscribe to your first list, you may then subscribe to as many lists as you wish to update or suspend your subscriptions at any time through the mail list subscriber portal.  Access to the portal is easy.  Go to http://lists.pgsd.org/ and click "Get Password."  Provide the email address used to subscribe to your first list and click "Mail me my password."  A password with directions will automatically be emailed to you.


    *OPTIONAL Text Messages: If you would like to view email blasts through your text messaging application on your cell phone, it is possible by subscribing using our ten-digit phone number@yourcarriersdomain.com/net. Depending on your cell phone plan, charges can apply! The District will NOT be responsible for any charges you incur. If you are unsure about your plan, check with your service provider. Here is a list of some of the more popular service providers in the region:

    1. AT&T Wireless address: 10-digit phone number@txt.att.net
    2. Cingular address:  10-digit phone number@cingularme.com
    3. TMobile address:  10-digit phone number@tmomail.net
    4. Verizon address:  10-digit phone number@vtext.com
    5. Virgin Mobile USA address:  10-digit phone number@vmobl.com


    *We cannot guarantee the long-term accuracy of this information and we can not support or troubleshoot cell phone text messaging related issues. All messages sent from BigList.com are formatted for email. There are limits to the number of characters text messaging services permit, so you may not see an entire message if the message exceeds your carrier's maximum allowable characters. Contact your service provider for any changes, updates or support. If your provider is not on this list, contact your provider about their text messaging protocols.