• act 48  

    In 2013, Act 48 was suspended for a 2 year period. This moratorium means that teachers who possess an active PA teaching certificate have 7 years to complete the 180 hours of Act 48 hours that are required.  If you hold an active PA teaching certificate, starting on August 29, 2011, you will have two years added to your Act 48 due date for the required 180 Act 48 hours.  For many teachers that means the end date is 6/30/2017. Please note: No one was prohibited from taking Act 48 courses during the two-year suspension period.  Any educator or system leader could continue to acquire Act 48 credits and/or hours during the two-year suspension period.  Hours accrued during that time were credited to the compliance period in effect at the time of the moratorium.

    In addition to the District in-service staff development days, teachers can also earn Act 48 hours through the following means:

    • IU and PaTTAN training opportunities
    • PDE SAS Courses
    • Approved college courses

    Additional links that may be helpful:
     Teachers should continually keep track of their Act 48 hours to be certain to attain the 180 Act 48 hours required of teachers during their five-year window (plus 2 year moratorium, resulting in a seven-year window).  
    In My Learning Plan we can only view teachers' Act 48 credits which were earned through PGSD staff development days and out of district activity credits we were made aware of. To see the full record of a teacher’s Act 48 hours, a teacher must log on to his/her account at the Online Act 48 Professional Education Record Management System (PERMS).
    Please contact Laurie Ellis with any questions.  Visit our Professional Development webpage for continuous updates and information as we move forward towards the 2017 due date.Thank you!