Eighth grade Physical Science is about the physical universe, so we teach chemistry and physics.  Seventh grade is all about life science. I expect all my students to have a single subject notebook, folder, writing utensil, and charged ipad every day in class. 
    Ipads:  District policy states all students have a charged ipad every day for class.  I also require "Classroom" to be functioning every day, bluetooth on, Automatically and Always, Always. In addition, if any student purposely locks an ipad by repeated password attempts, they will receive a detention.
    This year I am using Schoology in class, but not exclusively.  I have a wealth of information on my website, and I will use both Schoology and my web site.
    All assessments can be retaken!  I will give what I call a "ticket", usually work that is meant to reinforce the material on the assessment.  They will generally have one week to retest after the first assessment, time will be extended for snow days or extended absences.  Most retakes will happen 9th period, the student needs to sign up and get a pass from my room during class.  The ticket needs to be handed in at the moment the assessment is retaken.  If there is anything wrong on the ticket, I will give it back for them to properly complete before retesting.  I will use decimals in their grade to indicate retakes, ie 80.2 means it was retaken.  A 90% is the highest a retake can be scored.  If a student is absent it is their responsibility to make up the quiz in a timely manner 9th period.  If they do not take the quiz I will, at my discretion, give them the next quiz score for both assessments.

    I have procedures in place to deal with students missing anything they should have but didn't bring that day.  All my students are supposed to check if they are "prepared" every day, and follow the proper procedures.  I will contact parents if there are any ongoing problems regarding a student repeatedly not being prepared.  I find a lot of the students do not bother to check at the start of class, and that has the unfortunate consequence of stopping my class's progression because someone does not have something that I am dealing with.    I will give a student at least one warning, but the consequences of repeatedly not checking will be a referral.  My grading policy is consistent with the District Policy.   There is NO extra credit of any kind, but plenty of opportunities to excel.

    A lot of my work is "projects" because I usually let them work on it in class.  The students may need to finish on their own or ask questions the next day.
    Most of my grades consist of assessments and lab reports.  Lab reports will have a grading rubric that will be scored during a discussion between the students and myself.  Students that turn in lab reports early will be given feedback and allowed to adjust their report.  Students that wait until the "due" date will not be given that opportunity to edit, the grade is final.  
    Students are expected to keep the papers they get back in their science folder.  At the end of the unit I will ask them to archive important papers in a folder in class so they can use them later to study for the Mid-Term and Final.
    Physical Science:
    Chemistry will be taught until before the Winter break.  My students will take their Mid-Term before they leave for the break, we will be starting Physics at the start of January.  There will be a Final on Physics at the end of the year.