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Important Carline and Walker Information

There continues to be some confusion over the difference between car line and walker pick up. Parents using car line, should not be exiting their cars and walking to the cafeteria doors to pick up their child. Parents in car line should remain in their vehicles with their nametags prominently displayed so staff can call the children to come out. We do keep the children inside the building for safety purposes. Parents of children being picked up, as a walker should not park in the car line and come into the building to pick up their child. Please park in the parking lot and come inside. If you need to change the designation for your child, please notify the office and the teacher of the change. Also, if you are changing the manner in which your child is to go home, please contact the office and notify the classroom teacher. Also, for morning drop off, parents wishing to walk their children into the building should park in a parking space and not in the car line. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter.