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Proposed Comprehensive Plan 2018-2021

Pottsgrove School District is required to submit its comprehensive plan to the Pennsylvania Department of Education by November 30, 2017.

This comprehensive plan was originally created in the Fall of 2016; however, after the district had submitted, the Department of Education provided all school districts a one-year extension.  Therefore, this comprehensive plan reflects the work of the committee that met throughout the Fall of 2016 and is identical to the plan that was posted for public review last year.   As a result, the district is making the comprehensive plan available for review again this year.

A district’s comprehensive plan establishes goals over several years to reflect areas of focus as a result of data, input from community members, and recommendations from staff.  Prior to the district’s submission, it is required to conduct a 30-day review process allowing all stakeholders to review the comprehensive plan.  

The plan will be available for public review and comment from Tuesday, October 16 through Tuesday, November 14.
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