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66th Annual Color Day: Speeches

Pottsgrove's Color Day tradition lives on!
Dr. David Finnerty posted: "These are speeches that were given this past Friday for the 66th Color Day.  If you don't know what Color Day is, Tom Stock gives a great explanation at the beginning of the video.  The full video is a little more than an hour and includes introductions by Tom Stock and Steve Anspach, emcee duties from Madison Walker, and remarks from Gary Derenzo (6:47).  It is an outstanding video if you can find the time to watch.  The student speeches are shown below with timestamps.  Each of the students spoke very well - the student winners were Christine Richey and Wyatt Lear, if you only have time for a few these two are definitely worth the time to watch.
Christine Richey 25:23
Jack Potpinko 29:39 
SummerRose Fabian 34:00
Steven McPhillimey 38:33
Brianna Getsie 42:00
Wyatt Lear  47:26
Olivia Shuster 51:07
Max Neeson 55:15
Courtney Regan 1:00:13
Matthew Bechtel 1:05:10