September News


What a wonderful group of children that joined our schools this year.  Our first week we read the book, "Arthur's Computer Disaster" and talked about how we treat our computers and how we should ask for help if something goes wrong.  The last weeks of the month have been devoted to learning how to login independently using a generic login ID and password.  We are practicing using the mouse and navigating the website, ABCYa.  Practice, practice, practice is what we will be doing over the next weeks.  The children have also learned to logoff their computers by themselves.  These all seem like small tasks but they are huge in Kindergarten.


First grade started the year reviewing how to login with their own personal usernames and passwords.  They have re-acquainted themselves with navigating websites.  We started our Internet safety unit and will continue with a new safety rule each week.  We use the iSafe and Netsmartz curriculum to teach the importance of internet safety.


Second Grade students have learning about the word processing program MS Word.  They have been reviewing different keys on the keyboard and learning many tools in MS Word.  Specifically, the students have been uusing the shift key appropriately and changing the look of text by using the font size, font color and font families editting tools.  They have also learned to bold text and know when a word is misspelled.


I look forward to our planned STEAM Days we will have at all our elementary schools in October.  The students will be rotating between 3 STEAM challenges of their choice the morning of their STEAM day.  The activities are Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math based.  The teachers and staff in the school will be overseeing all the activities and challenges.  It is sure to be a fun day for all.  Our theme is "Building STEAM together"!