October News


Kindergarten students have been mastering the mouse.  Most are independently logging in with a generic username and password and navigating websites.  We have learned multiple educational games on the ABCYA.com website.  The games helped with sorting, patterns, less than/more than, alphabetical order, letter/number recognition to name a few.



First Grade students have been learning about digital citizenship.  We use the iSafe lessons along with Netsmartz for kids.  They have learned four rules already.  They are:

1.  Ask an adult before you go on the internet.

2.  Never give out personal information.

3.  Be a buddy, not a bully when you are online.  Never be a cyberbully.

4.  Use good manners when you are online - use netiquette.

We have been engaging in some great conversations about what is appropriate on the internet.  Just like we have rules to keep us safe at school or on the playgorund, we also have rules to keep is safe on the internet.



Second grade students have started blogging on Kidblog.  They learned what a blog is and how to comment on a post.  Along with doing that, we have been learning the tools of the Kidblog word processor and how it is similar to MS Word.  Kidblog is a safe platform because only the students in their class can see anything.  It is not a public forum.  Also, EVERYTHING the students write is first approved by me before making it public to their class.